Conquer a magnificent mountain landscape right outside the front door of the Hotel Villa Dvor. Omiš and its background is great destination for people who enjoy an active holiday and hikers, with a wonderfully accessible network of trails and paths.
Enjoy a varied and fascinating elemental world combining rock and water, a unique junction of a sea, river and a mountain. Take in picturesque canyon of river Cetina and the magnificent diversity of the Imber, Mosor and Dinara mountains. Clandestine paths, stone stairways and walking ways allow you to travel through a rich history where unknown scenery tells its hidden stories. In discovering and getting acquainted with marvellous places you can inhale the scent of nature and clear up your lungs with fresh air. Intact scenery, rich in flora and fauna, will bring exhilaration to all nature lovers and relaxation to all workaholics. Whatever you choose, a fantastic prize is always on the top – an amazing view and clear air!
Walking for pleasure, another part of of your stay in hotel Villa Dvor...

Request a hiking map with marked hiking trails at the front desk. Our staff will be happy to provide you with additional information and advice on hiking trails.

If you wish, you can also hire a private mountain guide. Contact our front desk staff for more information.


Hotel Villa Dvor is one of the first BIKE hotels in central Dalmatia, which offers a complete infrastructure for recreational and professional cyclists.
No more dirty bikes, premature interruption of vacation due to a technical malfunction or lack of information about cycling opportunities in Omis! Hotel Villa Dvor has provided a complete infrastructure that will make it easier for anyone who wants a perfect vacation on two wheels.

Service that hotel Villa Dvor provides:
  • Bicycle storage room under lock and key and video surveillance
  • Set of tools for repairs (workshop for simple bicycle repairs)
  • Bicycle washing (independent possibility of washing)
  • Bicycle rental - recommendation of renters in the region
  • Bike service card (list of important telephone numbers)
  • Bike lunch package
  • Possibility of charging the batteries of electric bicycles
  • Secured space for storing luggage and equipment
  • Hotel transfer for people and luggage
  • Use of jacuzzi (no extra charge)
  • Massages (extra charge)
  • Washing and drying of sportswear (extra charge)
  • Free Wi-Fi internet
  • Weather forecast (daily notification of weather forecast)
  • Additional sports offer (offer of other sports facilities)
  • Information on possible cycling routes with a map of the local area
  • Guided tours with local guides (extra charge)