The Villa Dvor Hotel, Mosorska cesta 13, Omiš


The Villa Dvor Hotel, in further text “the hotel”, offers and sells services of food and accommodation according to the published information, description, period and valid price list, in accordance with the confirmed booking, in his own name and for his own account. A tourist agency or a tour operator can function as a client between the final user and the hotel, in which case they are, as intermediaries, subject to the following terms and conditions. All the listed items are a constituting part of the lease, and by submitting a booking request you confirm your accordance with these booking conditions as well as the conditions of the use of accommodation. Everything listed in these terms and conditions thus becomes a legal obligation. Accepting the accommodation in the hotel you accept the house rules, hotel regulations, and the regular customs of hotel trade. All rules, regulations and conditions will also apply to members of your reservation and your guests and you shall be liable for any breach of the rules by any of them.


2.1 You are considered a potential User of service immediately after submitting a booking request.

All the entries are written under the name of the person firstly quoted (a natural person with a name and surname and a legal person with the name of the company), who is called the “booking bearer“. The booking bearer (a natural person) must be older than 18 and authorized by other users to complete the booking in the name of all the people listed in the request. The booking bearer confirms by filling and sending the request that he/she is authorized to book in the name of all the people listed, and that they are all in compliant with it as well as with the general terms and conditions. The office bearer is obliged to submit all the necessary information for the booking procedure.

2.2 The booking bearer is responsible for all the payments (the deposit and the rest of the bill). Any open request, written in any means of communication and sent to the hotel is considered a booking request.

The booking becomes valid after the deposit is made (of which the Guests needs to inform the Hotel) or after the credit card information is submitted, and the written confirmation from the hotel is received. In case the hotel doesn’t receive a confirmation of payment or credit card details as guarantee, until the option expires, the offer is considered invalid and non-obliging to the hotel.

The rest of the bill has to be paid by the last day of the stay at the latest, by authorization of the credit card, cash or deposit payment, unless stated otherwised by the hotel.

The client confirms his accordance with the terms and conditions by paying the deposit or submitting credit card details and accepting the offer. Thus the booking becomes a legal agreement. The contract is considered concluded even without deposit payment and credit card information if the client has received a reply with confirmation from the hotel and confirmed his stay in writing for himself and for other people listed in the request. The booking bearer bears also the legal responsibility, which cannot be transferred to other people listed in the booking.

The hotel reserves the right to individually determine the amount of the deposit for each reservation which will be stated to the Guest in communication.

If hotel receives the credit card details as reservation guarantee, instead of deposit payment, hotel reservers the right to preauthorise or charge the card before guests arrival of which the Hotel will inform the Guests immediately.

2.3 Bookings made by people younger than 18 are not taken into consideration. The hotel reserves the right to reject a request without further explanations.

2.4 The hotel’s duties are to provide services, to care about the client’s rights and interests in accordance with the good customs of tourism. The hotel must fully complete all its obligations according to its standards, in good faith and with the attention of a conscientious entrepreneur in accordance with the rules of the trade, except under unexpected conditions (point 16).

2.5 The hotel is also entitled to withdraw from the contract for an objectively justified reason

in an exceptional case, for example if

* force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible make the

performance of the contract impossible;

* rooms are booked on the basis of misleading or incorrect statements of essential facts, e.g.

concerning the customer as a person or the purpose;

* the hotel has a valid reason for assuming that the utilisation of the hotel service may

jeopardise the smooth business operations, the safety or the reputation of the hotel

* an invalid card (credit or debit) that was given as a guarantee or a card for which pre-authorization was found to be impossible at any time

2.6 If the hotel legitimately withdraws, the customer is not entitled to claim damages.


All the disagreements will be solved amicably. In case this is not possible, the client has the right of arbitration, in which case the real authority of the court shall be stipulated according to the seat of the hotel.


The price of the accommodation includes the basic service as described in the valid price list at the moment of the confirmation of the booking. Special services are those that are not included in the accommodation price (in the description they are listed as “by agreement” or other services which must be previously announced) and must be paid for specifically. These services should beforehand be requested at the reception.


If your journey has somehow been interrupted, you have the right to transfer the booking to a third party. In this case the hotel must be informed at least 7 days before your intended arrival. You are responsible for the entire bill of the requested services until the hotel receives a written confirmation of responsibility transfer by the third party. The third party, by accepting to take over your reservation, automatically accepts all terms & conditions of the hotel and the reservation which you originally made. If there are extra charges due to the change of dates, services or transfer of your reservation to third party, bearer of the reservation is obligated to cover these costs.


If you wish to change something in an already confirmed booking, you must notify the hotel in writing as soon as possible. The hotel will try to meet your needs, but we cannot guarantee anything in advance. You will be indebted with any costs if they should appear. If you decide to change your booking after the free cancelation deadline, the same can be considered as a cancellation in which case the cancellation charges from article 7.1 apply.


7.1 If you wish to cancel your booking, you can do so in writing by registered mail or e-mail. In each case the cancellation is accepted only if it is made in the name of the booking bearer. You are thus charged according to the cancellation charge list, depending on the date of reception of the cancellation notice.


The booking can be cancelled 7 days prior to arrival without any cancellation fees according to local time. All reservations cancelled after the given time, as well as NO SHOW, will be charged with the full amount of the booking fee. For example, if the booking has been made in the period between July 10th and July 11th it may be cancelled without any charges until July 2nd at 23:59 local time. All bookings cancelled after the given time will be charged with cancellation fees.

If the booking includes 6 or more rooms, the same can be cancelled without any charges 31 days prior to arrival. All bookings cancelled after the given time will be charged with the full amount of the booking fee.

7.2 Hotel reserves the right to offer individual cancellation policy for any booking. In this case, hotel will inform the guests of this cancellation policy during the process of booking. If the guests accepts the reservation, he agrees with new cancellation policy and in that case above policy is not valid but the one that is agreed between the hotel and guest.

7.3 The cancellation charges are calculated as a percentage of the full price; administrative charges aren’t included.

Depending on the reasons of the cancellation, there is a way to reimburse these charges from your insurance company. Requests are to be submitted to the insurance companies with whom you concluded your insurance policy. We strongly recommend buying an insurance policy before your trip.

7.4 In case the guest doesn’t arrive to his booked accommodation until 12:00 o’clock next day of the beginning of his service without previously having notified the hotel, the booking is considered cancelled. The charges are calculated according to the above listed. In case the real charges surpass the above listed, the hotel reserves the right of compensation of the real charges.

7.5 Any change of reservation within the cancellation period under penalty, can be considered as cancellation and charges from article 7.1 may apply

7.6. If you decide to leave the hotel before the expiry of your booking, it will be considered as late cancellation, charges from article 7.1 apply and you do not receive any refund or compensation.


8.1 In case the hotel must change or cancel a booking; the client will be notified as soon as possible. The hotel will try to find alternative accommodation of a similar type, standard and setting.

If the alternative accommodation is available only in a higher category and at a price bigger by 20% than the price of the already paid booking, the hotel reserves the right to reimburse the difference along with the consent of the guest. In case of impossibility of accommodation substitute, the hotel reserves the right of cancellation at least 7 days before the arrival, along with the refund of the deposit sum.

8.2 In case it is impossible to offer alternative accommodation or the same isn’t accepted, the hotel shall refund the paid deposit, which means the end of all legal obligations held by the hotel.


9.1 The objection procedure; if there is a justified reason to object, the guest must take it to the reception. The reception is obliged to access and solve the problem in accordance with the guest. The hotel does not receive retrospective objections to the already used services nor are they subject to any legal remedies.


is stipulated by the house rules which can be found in each room and in the lobby.


11.1 As a guest, you must possess all valid travel documents and respect the customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and obey to the house rules as well as the hotel personnel’s instructions.

11.2 The guest must keep the assets, the furniture, equipment and the surroundings of the hotel in the same condition as he/she found them. The guest is held responsible for any damage that occurred during his stay and will be charged for the same.


These sorts of services are paid for according to agreement. We are not to be held responsible for the additional services provided by other distributors. You accept that Hotel has no liability for any incident that can happen during these services provided by other distributors. You agree that all liability is on the distributor organizing that service. We hereby ask that all additional services be requested at the reception beforehand.


If the guest plans to organize a social event (birthday party, wedding, cocktail party, formal dinner etc.) he must ask for permission of the hotel board beforehand. Bigger events must be announced before the arrival. Additional charges in relation to the event are possible.


The hotel is not to be held responsible for damaged, destroyed or stolen luggage, nor for theft. The guest leaves objects of value on the room at his own responsibility. The hotel is not to be held responsible for the loss of these objects if the same were outside the safety deposit box or haven’t been registered at the reception. The loss or theft of objects is reported to the reception and the police station.

15. PETS

It is not allowed to bring pets, unless otherwise allowed by the hotel along with an agreed charge. The number of pets must be stated before the booking confirmation.


16.1 The hotel is not to be held responsible for the death, illness or injury of any of the guests, outside the coverage of the insurance company, unless the same has been caused by the hotel or its personnel in utter disregard.

16.2 The hotel is not to be held responsible for the loss, impediment or delay due to any cause outside our control, including but not restricting itself to vis maior, explosions, tempests, fire, accident, war or threat of war, civil disorder, restrictions, local laws or any measurements stipulated by the government or the local authorities, strikes, blanking or other industrial actions or interruptions.

16.3 In case of the liberation of the fulfillment obligation, our responsibility is limited only to the refund of the sum paid along with the confirmed booking.

16.4 The hotel is not to be held responsible for objection related to the malfunction of the mechanical and other equipment in the accommodation unit, e.g.: water heaters, heat pumps, etc.) or for interruptions in the utilities sector (electricity, water, gas etc.).

16.5 The hotel is not to be held responsible for noise or disturbances that come outside the borders of our property or the control of the hotel personnel.

16.6 The hotel is not to be held responsible for events outside our control, like bad weather, delays of other transportation service providers, malfunction of kitchen appliances, injuries caused by improper use of equipment and disregard of given directions, as well as for intentionally caused damage.


According to the Sojourn Tax Law in force, the guest must pay the sojourn tax along with paying for the services of accommodation. The final sum of the sojourn tax is charged according to the terms for every individual booking depending on the number of people, their age and the period of stay, and must be paid at the same time as the rest of the services. The sojourn tax isn’t included in the accommodation price.

18. NOTE

With the written confirmation of the accommodation reservation, the guest or group of guests, natural or legal person, who made the reservation fully accepts these Terms and Conditions.

Omiš, November 2023.