Hotel Villa Dvor - Best Price Guarantee

At Villa Dvor we want you to book with complete confidence, so we guarantee the lowest available online price. If you find a lower price than the one offered directly by the hotel or hotel online reservation service (including loyality discount), on one of the third party reservation channels before booking or within 24 hours of confirming your reservation through the hotel's direct channel, send us a proof (a picture of the better offer with the link of the website where you found this offer) that you found lower price on our e-mail: with the title: Guarantee Best Prices. We will check your request and contact you within 24 hours. If your claim is accurate, the hotel will equal your price and will grant you an additional 5% discount on this same price.

Condition: Sent lowest price must be valid for the same hotel, same dates, same room type, same terms of sale and same service

The following rates are excluded from the best price guarantee:
- contracted prices for groups
- prices obtained through auctions or similar procedures
- advertising campaigns
- special offers
- prices that are not public

Loaylty program

Become member of our Loaylty program and get benefits on reserved services in hotel Villa Dvor

How to become member of our loyality program:
1. If you are making your first reservation while using our reservation system ( MOBS ), in the process of making reservation, please check the box "Become loyality member ) and you will be remembered automaticaly as our loyality program member. With all other reservations thourgh our on line reservation system, please first register so that system can recognize you as our members and offer you discounted prices
2. If you have already stayed with us at least one night, either making direct reservation, walk-in or thorugh agency, please contact us on so that we can put you on our member's list so you can get benefitis of our loyality program immediately

Member of loyality club can get benefits only for reservation made on their name. Loayality benefits can not be transferd on other people. If you have any questions or our reservation system hasn't offered you discoutned rates and you are loyality member, please contact us on

Conditions First stay Second and every other stay
8% discount on your reservation* YES
5% discount on hotel packages* YES
Free cancelation policy deadline 5 days prior to arrival 5 days prior to arrival
Cancelation amount after free deadline 70% of total amount of your reservation 70% of total amount of your reservation
Free parking YES YES
Waiting list priority YES
Exclusive ‘members only’ offers YES
Possibility of booking your favorite room** YES

* On Bed & Breakfast rates
** Subject to availability

Thank you!
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